What to Look for in a PPH Service

Bookies trying to turn a profit should immediately give up their old-school business practices and find a pay per head service. It can help to eliminate time-consuming activities that do not produce revenue.

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When searching for the right price per head company, bookies should be on the lookout for certain key factors. Choosing the right service can make or break your business.

Player Features

You want to be able to offer what your players want. With a wide variety of players comes a variety of wants. Choose a pay per head service that caters to sports bettors, casino players, live bettors, facebook fans, and more. There are a number of quality PPH companies that offer a wide range of options for your players.

Live betting is a huge trend in betting markets and players want to have the ability to place wagers as they watch a game. Get to know the best PPH sites, they will offer live coverage and in-game betting options. Some will even have a special VIP service for heavy live bettors.

When searching for the best player features, your pay per head service needs to be able to take bets at all times. That means 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365 days per year coverage. Choose a service that allows for wagering by phone, via a website, or even by live chat all day and night long.

You also want a service that is compatible with all devices. Players can access their accounts via a personal computer, a tablet, or, as many often do these days, by smartphone. If you can’t have all your website and services optimized for all devices, you need to find a new provider.

Bookie Features

The benefits of having a top-notch price per head service are many. Mainly, it frees up time from the menial tasks of running the bookmaking operation so that you can focus on growing your player sheet and your profits.

You should choose a company that offers state-of-the-art software and technology. An online sportsbook functions on technology and if you don’t have it, your business will fail. The technology keeps you and your sportsbook operational around the clock. It also keeps you and your players’ personal information safe.

Your PPH service will offer you a personal account manager. You can manage each and every player’s bets, winnings, etc. from the palm of your hand. You will get custom reports to help you manage your operation and make higher profits. You will have a betting board full of options. This will give you the appearance of a large sportsbook and allow you to compete for business.


The big thing you will search for when considering pay per head companies is service. You and your players will have access to customer service – often in different languages – 24 hours a day, each and every day. If there is ever a problem, you or your players can connect with an agent via phone, text, email, or live chat.

A pay per head service is the most economical and efficient way to run a bookie business these days. Bookies can focus on adding players and allow their PPH to work in the background while the operation grows.