Use Multiple Sportsbooks to Shop for Betting Lines

You’re here because it’s time to start talking about why you would shop for betting lines.

With the amount of technology available today, consumers can find the best prices on just about anything. Need to fill up your car? You can check local gas prices almost instantaneously and pay $2.45 per gallon instead of $2.55.

Bettors can do the same thing with betting lines. You HAVE to shop for betting lines.

If you like a favorite at -3, wouldn’t you love to find that same favorite at -2.5? That half-point can make a huge difference especially when you’re talking about NFL football where more games end up with a scoring margin of three points.


It’s really simple. If you want to achieve greater success as a bettor, you should use multiple sportsbooks and shop for the best lines on the events you wish to bet. Here’s why.

The Best Lines, Duh

If you continually go back to the same sportsbook over and over, your loyalty will be admirable but your bankroll might not like you so much. 

Using multiple sportsbooks will allow you to find the best betting lines and do two things. One, it will increase your winning percentage and two, it will increase the size of your winnings. 

Just like the example above, if you can find an extra half-point or full point it only increases your chances of winning. More wins equals more dollars in your pocket.

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Timing Is Everything

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time pays off. It’s true in sports betting too. If you know that a certain sportsbook is always the first to post lines and odds for college football for example, you can go there in search of a value bet. 

When the lines shift the next day, or even sooner, your wager is already locked in. You were able to gain more value all because of timing.

Bonus Money

If you are shopping multiple sportsbooks, that must mean you have an account with multiple sportsbooks. If you don’t, you should. You need to let your sportsbook work for you.

Opening a new account with a sportsbook always comes with some sort of perk or perks. The sports betting industry is so competitive that books have to provide incentives for bettors to open an account.

Shop For Betting Lines

Most sportsbooks will offer you a deposit match on your initial deposit. Let’s say you open an account and fund it with $100. The sportsbook will give you an additional $100, normally in the form of free bets. Sign up to multiple sportsbooks, take advantage of what they have to offer, and shop for betting lines.

After you open an account with a sportsbook, you will also be eligible for other bonuses that are designed to keep you as a loyal customer and to encourage you to bet more. If you don’t shop at multiple sportsbooks, you will not have access to all these bonuses.

The whole point of shopping for betting lines is simply to find the best price. You do it for other goods and services, why not when you bet? Finding a point or a half-point can be the difference between a win and a loss. You can also take advantage of some amazing promotions as you continue the search for betting success.