Sports Betting Variety at Offshore Sportsbooks

Sports betting variety is important to all levels of sports bettors. That’s why you all need a couple offshore sportsbooks at your disposal.

Key Points

– Offshore sportsbooks are still the preferred choice of many sports bettors because of the number of betting options available.

– Players will find all sorts of sports betting variety when they use an offshore sportsbook.

Sports Betting Variety

Sports betting has become extremely popular in the U.S. over the past few years with recent changes in legislation. The repeal of PASPA (Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act) opened the door for legal sports gambling in the states.

Now, 30 of 50 states have some form of legal sports betting. With the rise of the industry, more sportsbooks have entered the fray, but many U.S. bettors continue to take their business offshore.

One of the big reasons why is the sports betting variety of offshore sportsbooks.

Regulation & Betting Options

One of the reasons why offshore sportsbooks continue to thrive is because of less regulation. U.S. sportsbooks must jump through a number of legal hoops in order to operate. 

Offshore books are much freer to do as they please. They are also taxed less than the typical licensed sportsbook. 

As a result, offshore operations are able to take a bit more risk and offer a wider range of betting options. When you are searching for wagers on European soccer or international tennis, bettors will find tons of action at offshore sportsbooks.

The typical local bookie will not have such variety. Plus, offshore books will offer numerous options within a particular market. Bettors will find props, alternative lines, specials, and more when they go offshore.

Better Odds & Lines Paired With Sports Betting Variety

Not only are there more betting options at an offshore sportsbook, bettors will find better sports betting lines

Again, with more freedom based on their location, offshore sportsbooks offer better odds and lines on games and matches. 

Plus, they have been doing this for years. Oddsmakers have honed their skills at setting odds and lines over several decades. Bettors can repeatedly find better prices on their bets when they go offshore.

Bonuses & Incentives Exceed Expectations

There is even more variety in bonus offerings when you go offshore. Once again, less regulation and less taxation allows the average offshore sportsbook to get much more creative than the local bookie.

Offshore operations can offer prospective customers – as well as current customers – more than just a simple welcome bonus. Bettors can take advantage of incentives like gambler’s insurance, betting contests, pools, and much more.

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Banking Variety Gets You Started Quickly

The typical offshore sportsbook will also offer bettors plenty of variety when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Most sportsbooks offer some form of online payment service like PayPal. They will also accept deposits via a bank transfer or check. The same with payments. Bettors can receive an actual check, but most sportsbooks will have quicker payment options too.

Offshore sportsbooks will offer the widest range of options as most offer cryptocurrency as an option. Whether Bitcoin, Litecoin, or another digital currency; offshore books will offer players the option to keep all of their financial transactions anonymous. This is a big draw for many serious sports bettors.