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Don’t be fooled by claims of “the cheapest” or “the biggest”. The cheapest or the biggest is not always better. As a busy bookie, you need what’s reliable and dependable. Of course, you are looking for value and you can find it.  Most of the best online Pay Per Head providers start their pricing at around $10 per head. This means that you will pay $10 per head, for every player that plays with you. Example: If you have 10 players, you will be charged $10 per head per week. If all 10 players were to play in a week, you would owe $100 for that week. It does not matter how many wagers are placed by the players, they have unlimited access and you are only charged one time and on top of that, you are only charged when the player actually makes at least one bet during the week.

If you are a bookie of any size, then you know what a nightmare this job can be. You must find a Pay Per Head provider that offers the best in sportsbook software with the best accounting reports and the ability to place wagers online as well as a bet slip grading system. You know what a hassle it is to grade tickets and during the college football season, this is a never ending task.

Stop killing yourself. Find the best sportsbook software on the internet and start resting easy. You will be amazed at the difference in your work load and pleasantly surprised at the difference in revenue. You will make much more money with great bookie software. Read the reviews, find out which PPH is best and change your lifestyle today.