Offshore Sportsbooks Superior to Las Vegas

For years, Las Vegas was the epicenter of all things sports gambling. With advances in technology as well as a number of legal issues, sports betting moved to offshore sportsbooks.

Until the 1990s, bettors didn’t have many choices when it came to placing bets. It was either Vegas or the local bookie. The rise of the internet changed all of that giving bettors the ability to place bets at offshore sportsbooks.


And so the battle began. Offshore versus Vegas. It’s a battle being won by offshore sportsbooks for a number of reasons.

More Options

Bettors can still place bets in Vegas, but they will not have the number of options available at an offshore sportsbook. The options bettors can find offshore dwarf those available in Vegas.

Players can find action on just about anything at an offshore book. From rugby and table tennis to hockey in Belarus and more, bettors have more betting options when they go offshore. 

Live Betting

One of those options is the latest hot trend in the sports betting market – live betting. Players can place bets to hedge a previous bet. They can also wager on all sorts of outcomes. In NFL betting, for example, you can bet on whether or not the next play is a run or a pass.

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At offshore sportsbooks, you will find a whole section devoted just to live betting. There you will find live odds for all the major sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer.

Better Odds

Another reason why offshore sportsbooks are superior to Vegas sportsbooks has to do with odds. Because of the enormous amount of competition offshore, sportsbooks must work continually to make sure their lines and odds are sharp. Their success depends upon it.

Bettors can go to one offshore book and if they don’t like the numbers they can simply move on to the next one. You will always find the best odds offshore.

Convenience at Offshore Sportsbooks

If you don’t live in Las Vegas, it’s going to be difficult to place bets on a consistent basis at sportsbooks there. Even if you do live there, placing bets and collecting payouts is much different that doing so at an offshore sportsbook.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider what to look for in your new online sportsbook.

Imagine standing in line to place a bet or sitting in the comfort of your own home and placing the same bet – likely with better odds – at an offshore sportsbook using your mobile device. You can place bets at any time from anywhere when you bet offshore.

It’s simply much more convenient working with an offshore sportsbook. On the other end, it’s much easier to collect your winnings too. There is no waiting in line. With a few clicks, you can take care of a withdrawal and, again, do so from anywhere at any time.


The other advantage to working with an offshore sportsbook is that no one sees you physically open the door and enter the bookie joint. There is a level of discretion when you place your bets offshore.

Offshore sportsbooks are superior to Vegas when it comes to sports betting. They offer more options, better odds, live betting and they are more convenient and discreet.