NFL Wagering Options – A Quick Look

With the dawn of a new season comes the proverbial question, how to win money and win a lot of it? There are certainly many wagering options that can be explored, and we want to take a look at a few of them. If you are serious about winning money and serious about betting the NFL, then you must go into this season with a plan. Should you fail to have a solid game plan, you will fail to win money and at the end of the day, there is only one reason why you bet this sport; to win money. The action is great and the game itself is great but what good does it do you to walk away at the end of the season with empty pockets? It is mandatory that you have a plan and stick to the plan.

How to Bet On Sports – Betting the NFL Preseason

  •  Find a solid 3 or 4 sportsbooks that you can count on with your money for the entire season.
  •  Build a budget that works and one that you will commit to sticking to, even when times are bad and you are tempted to chase those crazy bets that got away from you; don’t do it! Stick to the budget. Only you can set your budget. Do not fall into the trap of following friends or following other gamblers, who cares what they do? This is your money, not theirs!
  • Find a great NFL player bonus. Find one that works for you and play it to the bone. There is a small fortune to be made this year off the bonus money alone. Take the bonus and mage it correctly and you will be a winner at the end of the day.
  •  Know your rollover and know exactly where you are at and how much in wagering action that you need to play before taking a payout. Play the bonus money first. It is always a good idea to spend the bonus before spending cash.
  •  Find a handful of teams and stick with them all season long. Jumping all over the board when you have done very little handicapping will kill your bankroll very quickly.
  •  Shop around for competitive odds. This is why you want more than one sportsbook. You must have more than one if you want to save money and win more. As with anything that you look to purchase, you look for the best deal.
  •  Never play more than a 2 team parlay. They are fun, they are tempting and if they hit, they will win you a lot of money, but let’s be real for a moment; how often do they hit? It’s difficult to bring in a straight bet, let alone a combination, be careful and stick to your budget. Have part of your budget be strictly for futures, parlays and propositions wagers such as reverse action, if bets and buying points. You can’t go wrong with buying points. This is a great way to increase your chances of winning a game that could be close.
  •  Find a great handicapping service that will help you win. You can’t possibly expect to handicap every game and be 100% prepared before you plunk the money down; but you should be. Find a great website that offers all of today’s best handicappers in one place. Use these people and rely on their expertise. They know what they are doing and can be trusted to win you a pile of money.

Shopping for the Best NFL Lines at online sportsbook

The time to jump in is now. Get in on the preseason NFL action and just have fun with it. Nobody is telling you to be serious with the preseason. You do not have to spend a fortune and you should not spend a fortune. Play $10 or whatever amount you are comfortable with and just have fun. Find all the ways to bet with your favorite sportsbook and try new ways that maybe you are unsure of, such as round robins. This can be a great way to keep yourself in a multi-card when some of your teams are failing you. Round robins are always a great option. Most of all, have fun. This is the best time of year and certainly the season that most sports gamblers live for. Make the most of it.