How a PPH Agent is different from a Credit Agent

If you’re looking into becoming a Bookie, with a real solid sportsbook operation of your own, it’s time you dig a little deeper into this multi-million-dollar industry and know well what you’re getting into. This is very important for you as a business owner, as the most you understand this industry, the more you’ll be able to make the most out of each opportunity that comes your way.

Bookmaking has had quite an evolution in the past decade or more, things have changed substantially in regards of ways to do business, markets available, investment required, time and effort needed to run a successful operation and lots more. Price per Head is now the easiest and safest way for you to jump into this business and have a real chance to be successful. It is important that you understand how being a PPH agent, or sportsbook owner is different from being a Credit Agent, which is the figure what was mostly used before, a few years ago.

PPH Agent vs Credit Agent

The Price per Head industry has come to professionalize and evolve the sports betting industry; there is no doubt about this.

Being a Credit Agent, before, involved quite a few differences from what it means to be a PPH Agent right now. Regarding operations, a Credit Agent pretty much had his hands tied to certain limitations that their service providers had in their own business. You would have to accept and adjust to whatever they could offer, settle with that and be happy about it, convince your players that was the best you could do.

The other big thing, huge difference, is that, before, as a Credit Agent, you would only get a percentage of the weekly losses from your players, while the rest went to the house. For example, if you brought a package of your own and put them to play in some book, you would only get from a 15% to maybe a 30% of the losses; sometimes 40% if you were really lucky. Besides this, if your customers had a winning week, you would get a red figure for that amount, and you could not commission anymore, until the losses covered that red figure, at least.

Things are a lot different now with PPH

A good PPH provider will offer you every single service a big sportsbook can offer, and the widest variety of markets to play each day of the week, with the sharpest lines and the best sports betting software you can imagine. This variety of services allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want to offer your players and customize their experience as much as you can imagine. You will get a specific website of your own, and be able to customize profiles and limits, so that you can always be in control, even though your provider will be the one taking the action and dealing with lines, calls and everything else.

Best of all, forget about making a small commission out of your very own players. With PPH, your money is yours, as it always should be! All you need to pay, as a PPH agent or

bookie, is a small weekly fee per active customer, which goes for an average of $10 per head, while the rest of the winnings are for you. This means that, if you have 20 customers playing during a week, all you will need to pay is $200 approximately, and the rest of the losses go to you only, it doesn’t matter if the amount is $300 of $30,000. You, as a bookie or agent are the one in charge of collecting and settling with your players, and your provider will do the work in the office for you, for just that small weekly fee.

If you have any questions about this, give us a call right now and let’s talk about it. Let us guide you into success and help you live the life of a real bookie, a PPH Bookie.

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