Betting NBA Teasers & Parlays

Betting on single NBA games is pretty easy and a great way for an inexperienced bettor to get started. As bettors learn more and get more comfortable, they can move on to betting multiple games. With the addition of extra games, wagering becomes a bit complex. With that added complexity comes the chance of much bigger payouts.

NBA Parlays

A parlay bet is simply one that involves wagering on the outcome of more than one event or proposition. The parlay bet could be for various outcomes in the same game or the outcomes can spread over multiple games. 

For example, you could be on the outcome of an NBA game and bet on the total. Take the following example. 

Philadelphia +4.5 O 213.5 (-110)

Miami -4.5 U 213.5 (-110)

You place a bet on Miami covering the 4.5-point spread and that the total score will be fewer than 213.5 points. In order to win, you must be correct on both outcomes. There is no prize for winning one and losing the other. 

Parlays can also involve multiple games. In the above example, you might also bet on the Lakers beating the Clippers. Again, in order to win, you must get all three outcomes correct. The nice thing about NBA picks and parlays is that you can collect some big payouts. The likelihood of predicting multiple events correctly gets lower the more events that added to the parlay.

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NBA Teasers

The same is true of teaser bets, which are a type of parlay. A teaser involves betting on multiple games, but all bets are placed on the total or against the spread. Bettors have the ability to adjust the spread or total in their favor.

The payout, of course reduces according to the amount of the shift in the numbers. Let’s look at an example.

Chicago -5.5 -160 O 212.5 

NY Knicks +5.5 +130 U 212.5

Minnesota +6.5 +190 O 212.5

Portland -6.5 -230 U 212.5

So, you like the Bulls laying 5.5 against the Knicks. Since the Knicks are hurting and not playing well, you think Chicago can win by even more than six points. Looking at the second game, you aren’t as sure about Portland, a team that has been streaky, winning by seven over the Timberwolves. 

Here’s where you can work a teaser. You can manipulate the lines in your favor at the cost of a reduced payout compared to the larger payout of a standard parlay. You can find several sportsbooks and per head guys that offer NBA teasers where you can adjust the spread by 4, 4.5, or 5 points. 

Bettors can also bet on the totals with a teaser bet. In betting the Over/Under, bettors can usually adjust the point total between four and ten points. Remember, just like with parlay bets, to win a teaser a bettor must correctly pick all outcomes correctly.