2021 NHL Season Early Numbers

The 2021 NHL season is not even a month old and the numbers are already talking. The shortened 56-game season features four realigned divisions. Because of the coronavirus, teams will only play the other teams within their division. It’s not the first time an NHL season has been shortened. This will actually be the third

Use Multiple Sportsbooks to Shop for Betting Lines

You’re here because it’s time to start talking about why you would shop for betting lines. With the amount of technology available today, consumers can find the best prices on just about anything. Need to fill up your car? You can check local gas prices almost instantaneously and pay $2.45 per gallon instead of $2.55.

Let Your Sportsbook Work for You

If you have been involved in the world of sports gambling, there is one thing you definitely need to do as soon as possible. Let your sportsbook work for you.  If your sportsbook isn’t working for you, it’s time to move on. It’s time to find a sportsbook that makes your betting life easier. How

Offshore Sportsbooks Superior to Las Vegas

For years, Las Vegas was the epicenter of all things sports gambling. With advances in technology as well as a number of legal issues, sports betting moved to offshore sportsbooks. Until the 1990s, bettors didn’t have many choices when it came to placing bets. It was either Vegas or the local bookie. The rise of