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The Difference Between Good and Bad Sportsbooks

I recently wrote an article talking about how the evolution of the Internet has changed the sports betting world. More specifically, the online sports betting industry. The birth of offshore sportbooks gave bettors several options of where to bet, which quickly rose to hundreds and now grown to thousands of options. Whether you are new to the online sports betting world or are a seasoned vet looking for another book to increase your line shopping options, it’s tough to know which one choose. Here are 5 things to look for to help you weed out the good online sportsbooks from the bad ones.

1. Reputation: The most important thing to consider is reputation. Not every sportsbook is the same. In my mind, the most important consideration when it comes to reputation is transactions. Do they make it fast and easy to deposit and are they known to pay out quickly and easily?

These are the two most basic steps in the sports betting world, and I want these done seamlessly. I don’t want to have to run around to load my account, and conversely, when I had a good week and a payout is necessary, I don’t want to jump through hoops to get my cash.

When considering reputation, there’s a lot more to take into account than the money side of things. You also have to look at site reliability, lines, betting options, and last but certainly not least, customer service, which I will go into more right now.

2. Customer Service: Not only is this one of the most important factors that differentiate between a good and a bad sportsbook, but it may just be the easiest to check off the list.

All great sportsbooks will make it easy to contact their customer service department. As soon as you land on their site, you should easily be able to locate a number to call to quickly talk to someone. When you find the number, give them a call. Tell them you are considering using their service, and ask all the questions you may have. Their responses will tell you a lot about them and should provide you with an expanded knowledge of them, their service and give you an overall gut

Did they seem knowledgeable? Did they answer all your questions without delay? Were they able to speak good English? All these factors are at the top of my list when looking for a top sportsbook.

3. Betting Options: Make sure the sportsbook you choose caters around YOUR needs. If you’re looking for live betting, make sure they have this option. Maybe you like to play online poker, or take a few pulls on slot machines. If this is the case, make sure they have an online casino.

On top of those options, be sure they offer competitive lines on all the sports you are interested in. If you like wagering on Mexican soccer or auto racing, make sure they have these lines on a regular basis.

4. Customer Loyalty: We all like to be treated special, and this is no different than when we are betting on sports. Does your sportsbook offer bonuses or contests?

My sportsbook offers a great contest called the 33 Club. If I make a deposit of $300 or more, I am automatically entered in the 33 Club contest. I get to pick my favorite NFL team, and if they score exactly 33 points in any game throughout the season, $333 is deposited into my account with no rollover requirements attached. One of my favorite contests ever.

5. Sportsbook Review Sites: Numerous sportsbook review sites can be found on the web, and my advice is to take a lot of the information on them with a grain of salt. Many of these review sites accept payments from sportsbook that are being
reviewed in order to get a more favorable review.

As well, a lot of these review sites don’t do a lot of homework. They write generic rhetoric to make their site look fuller, in turn giving the reader an illusion of greatness. The bottom-line is you need to do your homework. Don’t believe
everything you read, and do everything in your power to get first-hand information before depositing into a new sportsbook account.

I hope these 5 points helped you get on your way to wagering with the best sportsbook fit for you. Obviously there is a lot more to consider outside these points, but I put these at the top of my list when putting sportsbooks on the good and bad lists, weeding out the ones I will stay away from and getting closer to meeting all my betting needs. Stay tuned for more great info on the sports betting world in future articles.